We are now in the Year of the Metal Rabbit

Monday, 18 April 2011

Weekly Chinese Horoscope - 18/04/11

Your weekly Chinese horoscope for this week is:

Rat - You'll be feeling quite contemplative this week and so this can really go one of two ways. If you focus on positives, it's a great time for working out your next steps. But if you think glum thoughts there's a risk this will pull you down for quite some time.

Ox - Don't let people push you or rush you into making decisions that you would prefer to mull over this week. It is not in your nature to act impetuously so take your time and let others know that that is precisely what you will do.

Tiger - It seems that you need to brace yourself for some potentially difficult times moneywise this week. Nothing too serious but you will need to make sure that you spot the signs of something that could get worse if left.

Rabbit - A lot of good energy around you this week and it seems that you will open up some more opportunities for it! It's all about being excited about what can happen rather than nervous.

Dragon - A very busy time but with not a lot happening for you this week Dragon! It will feel like your head is spinning at times but don't worry, you don't have to react to all of it.

Snake - You may feel like everyone is against you this week or that you are constantly confronted with hurdles to cross. Try to work with people rather than against them, at least for the time being ;)

Horse - Don't try to do too much at once this week as it seems you will be a little vulnerable to confusion and even absentmindedness. Take a more relaxed pace if it's at all possible.

Sheep - With the warmer weather upon us, it is really bringing out the best in you and others will not fail to pick up on it. A great time to make connections.

Monkey - Long term love is what it's all about for you this week. If you are in a relationship whereby you have been together some time, you will enjoy the closeness and the comfort of this.

Rooster -This is a good week for connections and business/work for you but less satisfying when it comes to the smaller matters in life. A week for priorties methinks!

Dog - Don't get caught up in trivialities this week, there is a lot of it about and it will only drain your energy and distract you from what's important. And you really need your strength at the moment.

Boar - You're normally so reliable but this week it seems that you are going to be tempted by things that you shouldn't be! This may affect relationships or even your health if you find it's food. Be resilient!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Weekly Chinese Horoscope - 11/04/11

Here is this week's weekly Chinese horoscope and I hope it means an eventful week for you all :)

Rat - A fantastic week for you if you are expecting some rewards at work. It needn't be financial but you will see compliments, respect and potential openings in terms of promotions.

Ox - You may be feeling a bit down in the dumps this week actually. Not that you need to worry about anything in particular so do try to pep yourself up somehow. The good news is this feelings will pass.

Tiger - A good week for love whether you are attached or single! There are some really great high points for you and if you embrace them fully you will have a great time.

Rabbit - Don't be shy of flirtations coming your way this week, it seem that you can trust that there are more genuine intentions deep down.

Dragon - Being at the heart of your family is what gives you the most pleasure and comfort this week. If it's been a while since you had the time to do this then you will be all the more satisfied.

Snake - You will not know whether you are coming or going this week if you are the typical Snake. It's not a state of mind that you handle too well either so do try to keep calm and accept that everything will sort itself out.

Horse -You want to do things your own way this week and there is no point in really fighting these feelings. Go with it and push forward with what you want to do.

Sheep - There is a feeling of romance around the flirty Sheep this week but be careful of taking it any further. This may not be a good long term match for you.

Monkey - You're very fired up this week, raring to go! Just make sure that you take the time to think through what you're doing so you don't waste all this fantastic energy.

Rooster - Bit of a tricky week for the Rooster I'm afraid. It's quite possible that you will be getting hassle from all angles. You have a quick temper and this may be on display more than a few times!

Dog - Don't take your eye off the ball too much this week as it may open up the chance for someone incompetent, or even unscrupulous, to spoil things for you a bit.

Boar - Good results for you at work or in new ventures this week and so it's really going ot boost your confidence and propel you forward to bigger and better things!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Weekly Chinese Horoscope - 04/04/11

So wha's in store for you this first week of April? Let's take a look at the weekly Chinese horoscope!

Rat - A great week for love for the Rat this week! This will be particularly the case for those hoping to meet someone so make sure you are looking your best ;)

Ox - If you are feeling a bit under the weather or even despondant this week, you will need to try to keep things into perspective. Don't let negativity swamp you.

Tiger - A fantastic time for you in love this week! Existing relationships will have a great boost and you will feel contented and misty eyed ;)

Rabbit - You're going to need to be careful how you go about relationships or friendships this week. There is the potential for some friction and you don't want to be blamed for it, so just try to be diplomatic when you can.

Dragon - Try not to be too impetuous this week as it will only set up bigger problems for you in the coming weeks. Take a step back and you wil see that not everything is as it seems anyway.

Snake - You are normally very cautious by nature but this week you will be feeling uncharacteristically chipper! It will be a great time to meet new people.

Horse - A time for you to appreciate the simple things in life but also to make sure that you are realistic in your expectations of what can happen.

Sheep - Stress seems to be a risk for you this week. Make sure that you don't blow it all out of proportion, you can't aways lead the good life!

Monkey - You may be under a lot of pressure this week but don't be hasty in your decisions. It is not the time to rush anything as others will be unhappy.

Rooster - Whatever you have been putting off, this is the week to tackle it head on. It needn't be about confrontation but more that there seems to be the right energies to sort things out or clear the air.

Dog - You'll really be sharpening your focus this week and you will see so many tedious jobs get done because of it. It may not be a fun week but it will be a useful one!

Boar - A strange week for you, one that is likely to leave you feeling a bit unsure of yourself. Best to be honest rather than bury your feelings and you may just be a bit more clear about what's going on.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Chinese astrology compatibility

I have written an article on Chinese astrology compatibility so please feel free to have a look!

Weekly Chinese Horoscope - 28/03/2011

Here is your weekly Chinese horoscope for the week beginning 28/03/2011. Hope all looks good for you!

Rat - It's a good time for you to keep an eye on the smaller details of your life this week, make sure that you have not been missing anything really important. It will prevent it all getting out of hand.

Ox - A very productive week for you if you can just fall short of over-stretching yourself or even - dare I say it - being a little but arrogant. But certainly a lot can be achieved.

Tiger - A great time for ideas and creativity as you will be full of energy and enthusiasm this week! If anyone wants a favour from you, now is most certainly the time to ask.

Rabbit - This might be a bit of a mixed week for you Rabbits actually. There is a feeling of uncertaintly around you and you may need to ask yourself if everything is quite as you thought it to be.

Dragon - Love is the central factor of your week! That gets a fanfare from us at Chinese Love Horoscopes as usual :). It is a time when you will feel obstacles are removed and you start to see things moving along more freely so get chatting up those who you fancy!

Snake - Another good love sign this week, particularly if you happen to be single as the Snake will be successful with new romantic connections.

Horse - Don't worry about things too much this week - that would seem to be the main message coming through for you. It's about trying to keep everything in perspective.

Sheep - This is a great time to reflect on your life as you will be likely to be in the mood for analytical circumspection! Think about whether you are doing all you can for yourself.

Monkey - Try not to be too controlling this week as it will only backfire on you if you are. Trust in others and you are likely to have a much easier time of it.

Rooster - You're very opinionated this week - as ever. But try not to let this affect your relationships as there does seem to be an extra determined side to you!

Dog - You could well see some long awaited success this week so do try to make sure that you don't relax too much and think that it's all falling into place. You will need to keep plugging away.

Boar - You need to make sure that you hold back and are restrained in how you deal with people this week. However frustrating they might be, you don't want to cause further problems for yourself.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Summer and the rise of yang

First day of summer tomorrow and I'm sure we are all looking forward to some better weather and approaching holidays! Not to mention a bit of summer loving ;) Here at Chinese Love Horoscopes, we totally approve of this time of year of course.

But why would summer have anything to do with Chinese astrology you ask? Because this relates to a yearly cycle that includes the opposite energies of yin and yang. Yin represents the darker months and encourages rest and recuperation over these seasons. But come spring and leading into summertime, yang's energies rise to be more powerful and it gives us the chance to bloom and grow to our full potential.

So how will summer affect the different signs of the Chinese love horoscope? Let's take a look!

Rat - The summer is a time of plenty for the rat and relationships will be blessed with extra security. If you are a single rat, it is likely that love is to be found closer to home than you might have thought.

Ox - Those born under the sign of the Ox love this time of year and enjoy the feeling of being useful to those around them. Allow yourself to thrive and you will build some strong foundations in your relationships for the rest of the year.

Tiger - Summer tends to make the Tiger a little impetuous and so make sure that you don't make any rash decisions and confuse those around you. It is a great time for you to show others that you care though as it will seem much easier for you.

Rabbit - The Rabbit would do well to avoid any kind of argument or conflict at this time of year as it does tend to go to their heads and get out of hand. For Rabbits with a family, this is the time of year to make them your priority.

Dragon - The Dragon likes changeable times and the summertime needs to be unsettled for him or her to thrive. So if it's sunny one minute and raining the next, the Dragon will full of energy and romantic trysts will be more likely!

Snake - If you are born in the year of the snake, you are likely to feel like slowing down over summer and may even be prone to a lazy streak at this time. But if you are wanting to get closer to one, this is the time to do it! They will be more susceptible to your advances ;)

Horse - The Horse can be a little prone to spontaneity at the best of times but in the summer, there is no stopping them! With regards love, this will be the time for flings and holiday romances.

Sheep - Over the summer, Sheep like to be around others even more than usual and so they are to be found at parties and gatherings as often as their busy schedules will allow! A good time for single sheep to pick up some admirers along the way.

Monkey - Those born under the sign of the Monkey do love to play over summer! This would be the best time to encourage them to be more creative or even to widen social circles. In love, the Monkey is very relaxed and a good friend at this time of year too.

Rooster - The Rooster likes to party over summer. They hate to waste the long summer evenings and they are drawn to the light and the warmth. Not always such a good time to be the partner of a Rooster though as they can put their energies all into work if they feel inclined.

Dog - In the summer, the Dog likes to focus on those close to them and so established relationships will flourish. This doesn't mean that single Dog's will not find anyone though but starting with a friendship will probably work best.

Boar - If there is a time for those born under the sign of the Boar to fall in love and thrive in a relationship it's the summertime. This is when they like to play and you will see the fun side of their personalities. Relationships that do start at this time though are likely to last and not just be a fling.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Weekly Chinese Horoscope 21/03/11

Ok, here's your weekly Chinese horoscope and here's also hoping it's going to be a great one for you!

Rat: You may need to be careful who you take into your confidence this week as someone is either not as they seem or looking at for their own interests at your expense. Fortunately you are usually pretty canny and should spot them.

Ox: Try to avoid being too contrary this week as it's only going to lead to further problems that you don't have time to solve right now. Bite your tongue if you have to.

Tiger: It seems like a little bit of love is coming your way and lifting your spirits this week. This is either a current relationship improving or maybe even someone new coming along for you single Tigers out there.

Rabbit: Work concerns will be your main focus this week and this is unusual for you. Normally you sail through these things so don't let it get out of hand or overwhelm you.

Dragon: Not so much love but passion is certainly in the air for you Dragons this week! Seems you are irrisistable so enjoy every moment of it ;)

Snake: More often than not you are well organised and have a contigency plan. But this week you may well feel things are slipping out of your control so try not to let emotions follow suit.

Horse: To let off steam, rather than let anger take over, reach for something more enjoyable instead. It may be a good ole chinwag or picking up a book or even a bit of flirtation with someone you have your eye on. Treat yourself!

Sheep: It's all about the money for you this week! You can find yourself lucky or you may well just find you have more than you thought. Try not to spend it all at once though ;)

Monkey: You pride yourself on being a good judge of character and so it may surprise you to find you have got someone a bit wrong this week. Try not to be too stubborn and just admit you were wrong.

Rooster: It's spring and everyone is starting to too feel good. But everyone is going to surprised when even you join in and kick back and enjoy yourself. Frankly though, why should you?!

Dog: This week is going to be a good time for you to get everything done that you have wanted to lately. Everything is going to start shifting and suddenly you will see results.

Boar: This week is an excellent time for you to up your business or career and to see the money rolling in. Don't put your efforts where they are not working though, this is about being single-minded about what's working out well for you and what's not.